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Strategic Plan Update

Riverland Wine’s Strategic Plan, is a vertically integrated plan with five core themes:

  1. Leadership and Engagement
  2. Research, Extension and Adoption
  3. Competitiveness
  4. Market Growth
  5. Profitability and Sustainability

The key objectives of are to:

  • Provide leadership for the region’s winegrowers, wine makers and wine marketers.
  • Be financially robust, progressive and innovative in leadership, representation and advocacy.
  • Communicate effectively, efficiently and frequently.
  • Identify and reach out to new and emerging mainstream and alternative variety markets.
  • Be recognised for production efficiencies and consistent quality.
  • Consistently outperform competitors and be recognised as Australia’s preferred region for wine.
  • Collaborate with government agencies.
  • Be factual, diligent and professional.
  • Establish financial and management benchmarks.
  • Assist members in acquiring the knowledge and skills.
  • Encourage and initiate partnerships that raise the profile of Riverland wine, food and tourism.
  • Ensure members practice sound environmental stewardship. 
  • Ensure Riverland Wine’s policies and priorities are embraced by the Australian Grape and Wine Authority and other peak industry organisations.
  • Drive the process of transition to profitability and sustainability, through programs that forge new knowledge, greater competitiveness and market growth.

The Strategic Plan is available to view online or download.

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Download The Plan as a PDF (15Mb)

Download the Plan as a PDF (14.3Mb) Best viewed in 'two-up continuous' mode. You can set this by going to your Adobe Acrobat main menu, select the View menu and then choose page display and then select 'Two-up continuous'

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