Flowing since the dawn of time the Murray River is a journey itself, etched into the very dreaming of this rich, ancient place. Since forever it has carved its path - gracefully, slowly and with magnificent purpose. Winding its way through the ancient red soils and sandy loams, gifting a unique sense of place to this magical wine growing land.

The Riverland wine region stretches between the bends of the mighty Murray River and the vast edge of the Great Australian Outback. Its unique location and ideal climate gives rise to a viticultural and oenological masterpiece that is reflected in the diversity and quality of the wine offering it capably produces year on year. As old as its star filled skies, its colourful past now resonates loudly in the modern and cutting edge wine powerhouse it is today. In amongst this stand the colourful and highly skilled people that call this magical place home. Those who tend its soils, and capture its essence in a true representation of its remarkable terroir.

If you have yet to journey, to float, to immerse your mind, body and spirit in the wine of the Riverland… take this chance and clock on to river time.

With 12+ cellar doors in the region, plus a number of other producers including breweries, distilleries, and food producers, the Riverland offers a diverse wine and produce trail…

Producing a third of the total national crush, the Riverland is arguably Australia’s most important wine region. Traditionally under recognised, it’s setting the pace in a modern wine world…

With a focus on water efficiency, varietal choice, crop management and the influence of three levels of government, the Riverland is committed to growing smarter…

With a modern heritage very much influenced by the pioneering spirit of the early-to-mid century, the Riverland’s story is one of innovation, toil, and commercial acumen…

Through this virtual reality tour, you can explore this stunning region from the comfort of your own home using our custom made 3D goggles…

Centering around five active communities, the Riverland is a community that knows how to enjoy itself. Community and grower events are held across the year…

About Riverland Wine

The Riverland in South Australia is a long-established, warm climate wine-producing region, located east of the Barossa Valley, extending for 330 meandering kilometres along the Murray River. It is the largest Australian wine region by size, number of growers, volume of crush, and wine grape varieties. As such it is incredibly important to the Australian wine industry in terms of scale, economic contribution, diversity, export value, technology and structural change, and innovation.

Riverland Wine is the face of the Riverland wine industry and proudly represents both South Australian Riverland winegrape growers and wineries. It is the union of the Riverland Winegrape Growers Association (RWGA) and the Riverland Wine Industry Development Council (RWIDC) after the two groups combined in 2010.

Riverland Wine designs and advocates strategy that covers a range of key areas, and most importantly pursues and influences outcomes that will benefit the Riverland community, environment and economy.

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