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Committee Members

Riverland Wine is the face of the Riverland wine industry and proudly represents both South Australian Riverland winegrape growers and wineries. It is the union of the Riverland Winegrape Growers Association (RWGA) and the Riverland Wine Industry Development Council (RWIDC).

RWGA consists of eight elected members. The current committee is:

  • Brett Proud (Chair)
  • Sheridan Alm
  • 'Henry' Crawford
  • Bob Dambergs
  • Peter Hill
  • Jack Papageorgiou
  • Brett Rosenzweig
  • Jim Thomson

The RWIDC consists of wine industry representatives and three members from the RWGA. An independent chair oversees the group.

The current committee is:

  • Chris Byrne (Executive Chair)
  • John Angove
  • Jim Markeas
  • Bill Moularadellis
  • Sheridan Alm
  • Shirley Fraser
  • Peter Hill

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