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In its third year, this important industry project developed by the University of Adelaide and with funding support from Wine Australia and Riverland Wine focuses on the collation and aggregation of data from a range of sources. 

In this data-driven world, we need to “Control our Data to Control our Destiny”

Vitivisor will enable growers to manage their data, helping them to make decisions that will not only lower their cost of production but make important decisions based on ‘what if’ scenarios. 

The core of the information, prediction and advisory platform will be the digitisation, organisation and visualisation of an unprecedented range of data related to all aspects of vineyard function. Key data streams are illustrated in the project schematic attached  and are divided into four categories:

  • Vineyard outcomes (e.g. gross margins/profitability, yield, quality measures, sustainability measures), representing the outcomes likely to be of most interest to growers
  • Grower decisions/management actions (e.g. irrigation management, water trading, disease management, canopy management), representing ‘levers’ available to growers to modify vineyard outcomes;
  • Within-season measures of vineyard development (e.g. canopy development, soil status, infrastructure performance), representing information streams that are used to inform grower decisions/management actions, and are indicators for end-of-season outcomes;
  • External factors (e.g. weather/climate, water, market factors and energy prices), representing factors with a material impact on vineyard outcomes over which growers do not have control.

Several other data streams also will be incorporated, including vision data of vine development throughout the growing season and the systematisation of financial data acquisition and integration. Where possible the platform will rely on the integration of existing data streams, and a focus on ‘incidental capture’ and other methods for reducing costs of data acquisition.

During June 2021 a midterm industry showcase workshop was held in Loxton presented updates from key research teams at the University of Adelaide, and their progression with the integral aspects of the VitiVisor platform. Included in this event were presentations on Social Enterprise (Cooperative) Ownership and the possibility of a Grower Owned model being adopted by Riverland Winegrape Industry Members as well as perspectives from representatives of the original concept group, coined the ‘Thinking 10’, Ben Haslett and Dave Zadow.

Please find below copies of the presentations made to the audience during the showcase.

VitiVisor Showcase Presentations

Loxton Community Theatre, June 24, 2021




Welcome Welcome and Acknowledgment of Country Chris Byrne, Riverland Wine
Digital Future The Digital Future
Presentation on what a digital future in the Riverland may look like.
Dr Ariella Helfgott, Ethical Fields
Introduction Data to Decisions Value Chain
An introduction to Hands off Hectares
Prof Seth Westra, University of Adelaide
Data  A Growers Perspective: 
My Experience as a grower and the use of technology
Dave Zadow, Paisley Hill – Winegrape Grower

Vision System (Viticulture)  introduction
Vision systems – affordable, accurate & repeatable

Assoc. Prof Cassandra Collins, Wayne Kiely & Dylan Grigg, University of Adelaide

Ground-based Vision systems
Introducing the VitiBox

Prof Javen Qinfeng Shi, University of Adelaide
Data Irrigation and IoT Infrastructure
Vineyard Sensory Data, Leak & Blockage Data & Vision Based Data
Dr Tien-Fu Lu, University of Adelaide
Data Economics & Accounting Data
The Importance of “Knowing your Numbers”

Prof  Sarah Wheeler, Dr Constantin Seidl, University of Adelaide

Assoc. Prof Joanne Tingey-Holyoak, University of South Australia

Information Vineyard forecasting and scenario planning
Situational awareness and decision making – using data and making predictions
Dr Matthew Knowling, Dr Bree Bennett, Assoc Prof. Bertram Ostendorf & Prof. Seth Westra
University of Adelaide

Dashboard Design  
The Interface – One place to view, manage and interpret ALL of your data

Presentation Unavailable Online – Please contact Riverland Wine for this content

Hao Zhang, University of Adelaide

The Economic Benefit 
KY#, benchmarking and case studies

Dr  Sarah Wheeler, Dr Constantin Seidl, University of Adelaide

Dr Joanne Tingey-Holyoak, University of South Australia

Value A Growers Perspective
‘Cause and Effect’ 
Ben Haslett, Woolenook Fruits – Riverland Winegrape grower
VitiVisor as a Business Control your Data to Control your Destiny
Your opportunity to be involved
Dr Ariella Helfgott, Ethical Fields

For questions relating to any of the above presentations or copies of those not available online, please contact Riverland Wine at wine@riverlandwine.com.au

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