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The Riverland, located some 2½ hours north east of Adelaide in South Australia, is often described as a nature lovers' delight. It is home to some of Australia’s most distinctive wildlife and is often regarded as a bird lover’s paradise.

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The magnificent River Murray which delivers the lifeblood of the region, its landscapes and communities, and flood plains, is lined with River Red Gum and Black Box forest, set within a panoramic backdrop of limestone cliffs with their layers of colour and texture. The Riverland is blessed with a warm, continental climate which allows locals and visitors alike the opportunity to enjoy The Riverland’s great outdoors and natural environment.

The Riverland boasts two internationally listed RAMSAR sites, The Banrock Station and The Riverland (consisting of 36,000 ha from Renmark to the NSW and Victorian borders), and is committed to wetland environmental conservation. However the Riverland’s commitment to regional environmental conservation extends well beyond international treaty obligations.

As a wine producing powerhouse, and as the Riverland grows and develops, impact on the environment and natural landscape will always be a key consideration. Preservation of the River Murray and the surrounding land is paramount, with the livelihood of the Riverland residents depending on it. The Riverland is proud of its rich history of advanced irrigation technology. From the pioneering days of flooding furrows, through the advent of pressurised systems and overhead irrigation, to leading the world in precision irrigation drip technology, water is now applied to vines when and where it should be, optimising the productive benefit and conserving the region’s most precious resource.

With warm weather conditions and long hours of sunshine, Riverland vines are consistently bathed in quality sunlight, reducing disease pressure and ripening crops, year in and year out. In nurturing these environmental conditions many wine producers have embraced low input, organic and/or biodynamic viticulture and winemaking practices.

Regional environmental preservation is important. Residents of the Riverland salute and appreciate their heritage and actively plan for environmental prosperity of future generations, which will always be balanced with business development prosperity.

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