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Oxford Landing Vineyard Re-vegetation Project

Established in 1958 and located on the outskirts of Waikerie, not far from the banks of the Murray River, Oxford Landing Vineyard embarked on large re-vegetation project in 2007. Having purchased 600ha of farmland next to the vineyard the management team set-out on an ambitious and passionate journey to establish two hectares of native bush land for every hectare of vines they had planted.

Seeds harvested from remnant patches of surrounding native vegetation were sent to a nursery for propagation before being planted out in the field. The first 5000 trees and shrubs were planted, with considerable care taken to ensure plant species were matched to soil type. Whilst the re-vegetation team enjoyed the process and perfected their craft, equipment was quickly purchased and adapted and now 3000 trees can be planted in an eight hour shift.

The aim of the project: returning the site to its natural state to help conserve Riverland Biodiversity and provide habitat for native wildlife such as the endangered Reagent Parrot. As the bushland matures it will also become a carbon sink with the ability to offset emissions elsewhere in the business. But the team at Oxford Landing are not motivated purely by carbon credits; the wealth of biodiversity and providing a safe corridor for Riverland wildlife more than satisfies.

Watch as Fred Strachan, Oxford Landing Vineyard Manager, explains the project and its impact: http://yalumbastories.wordpress.com/2009/02/16/more-from-oxford-landing/

Oxford Landing Re-vegetation Project

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