The Riverland

The Riverland is the largest wine region in Australia spanning over 300km from Paringa to Blanchetown. Vast and fertile, with the Mighty Murray River winding its way through its ancient and gently undulating terrain of river flats and land holdings, it is a visually spectacular, ecologically diverse and highly productive Australian wine powerhouse.

The wine regions within the Riverland

This series of maps shows the detail of Riverland region. Through them you can see the seven major townships and their regions within the whole, the size of the Riverland and its location within South Australia, and then how it is positioned within the map of Australia.

These maps also demonstrate how instrumental the Murray River is to the region, and how without it the Emerald Corridor, as it has become known over time, would cease to exist. The Riverland is also the only wine region in Australia that sits on the edge of the Great Australian Outback. 

The regions of the Riverland

In the map below the Riverland sub-regions, defined mostly by the major townships, are identified in a light brown colour. These mark the community, grape growing and general production hubs.

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