The Riverland Gems

The Riverland is also leading the way in boutique wine pleasures. In recent years the Riverland has emerged as a  handcrafted wine growing and wine making leader in the pursuit of alternative varietals, and the more delicate nuances of the wine world, a trend that is an aspect of sustainability and an emerging consumer trend in its own right. 

As a result its influence across all spectrums of winegrape growing and winemaking is complete. 

Good things also come in small parcels

Many in its midst focus on small, handcrafted, alternative varieties produced in single vineyards and in small parcels using sustainable practices. With its uniquely talented wine community, the Riverland is also at the forefront of organic and biodynamic wine growing and production.

This movement is fascinating and nowhere in the world are a group of people more in tune with their land and its unique ecology and challenges. 

With both ends of the spectrum (big and boutique) paving the way in wine smarts and sustainability, the Riverland and its resource management story is one to behold, be told, and for the world to follow. 

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