Establishment and redevelopment

It is important that planting material used for redevelopment is sound and disease-free. Refer to the comments in the vine propagation section above.  Planting new vines over old usually necessitates the use of rootstock rather than own-rooted vines as a matter of best practice. It is also a good idea to get an idea of nematode levels in the soil. If top working onto old vines, testing for virus’ in the old rootstock vines is a must, to ensure that the new vineyard is not constrained by virus.


Rootstocks: an online tool (Vinehealth Australia)

Wine Australia rootstock selector tool

Advertorial promoting vine guards but with some ideas about use of vine guards with young vines.

Chalmers Nurseries (practical advice about top working vs planting)

Youtube video – top working (USA)

Grafting grapevines (overview of several techniques)

Field grafting grapevines (USA)

Yalumba Nursery – Rootstock attributes and selection (useful overall guide)



Vineyard Establishment guide (long) from the US
It is based on American figures, but does have some general advice of value.

ATO – Calculating the decline in value of grapevines. 
There is information about tax deductions for vineyard establishment

Vinehealth Australia – A grower’s guide to top working vines

How best to deal with vineyard cordon decline

Rootstock resistance – why isn’t Australia doing better in its uptake of rootstocks for phylloxera control? (Winetitles Article)

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