The following technical section is intended to provide Riverland growers with a useful resource in finding a wide range of information about grape growing and related topics in one place.  These are in the form of links to web pages, documents, very extensive growing guides, online tools and links to other sources.  You can find helpful information in several ways:

  •  Sorted by topic so you can focus on the topic that you want to know more about.
  • Sorted into “practical” and “technical” headings. 
  • Brief descriptions of information are included to assist your search, such as “book extracts”, “practical outlines” and “with pictures”.

 While there is some variation in the detail, technical complexity and length of these articles, generally:

  • Practical links will lead to brief fact sheets, notes, and similar shorter documents that provide a general practical guide more suited to those looking for broader information without overuse of technical detail.  In particular, the “Vitinotes” were developed some time ago in recognition of the need for grape growers and viticulturists at the “coal face” to have easy to read straight forward reminders of important information.
  • Technical links may be scientific papers, technical notes or in some cases guides that may be technical in nature or longer documents such as management guides.  These may be more suitable for those either interested in a higher level of technical detail, or those looking for longer, more complete sources of information.

 Much of the information contained here links to the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI), the Australian wine sector’s world-class research body, and also to Wine Australia, the statutory body with the responsibility of managing wine sector research.  Much of this information has been made available through the investment of RD&E levies collected by winegrowers and winemakers over many years.  It makes sense for growers and makers of wine to access and utilise this information, both to improve business practices and profitability and to make use of investment to which they have contributed.

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