Application of water to a vineyard is one of the strongest methods of influencing the quality and quantity of fruit available at harvest. The Riverland has prolonged hot periods in the summer months, and the recent shortages of availability and increased cost of water makes irrigation one of the most crucial operations that a grower can make in the Riverland.

While most growers know their particular vineyard and irrigation system well, there is often benefit in continuing to reassess practices during an irrigation season, to ensure the most efficient use of an expensive resource, to ensure a sustainable yield, and prevent adverse impacts during heat events.

Water allocations and carry-over

Water allocations and announcements (S.A. DEW)

Murray Darling Basin Plan (S.A. DEW)

South Australian carryover

Alternatives to S.A. Carryover (S.A. DEW)

Permits, Licenses, Forms and Levies – S.A. DEW website (Many links)


Salinity (Overview, Wine Australia)

Salinity Management in Australian Vineyards (Fact sheet) an extensive practical guide

Measuring soil salinity – Vitinotes

How to start irrigating with less water (Vitinotes fact sheet)

Soil Moisture Monitoring – Vitinotes

An introduction to Regulated Deficit Irrigation (RDI) – Vitinotes

Scheduling regulated deficit irrigation – Vitinotes

Varietal responses to regulated deficit irrigation – Vitinotes

CCW Water budget Tool – Excel Spreadsheet download – (Wine Australia funding has made the CCW water budget tool publicly available)

CCW Water Budget tool – supplementary notes (Presentation)

Riverland Wine – Facing the water availability challenge (AITHER) – workshop summary

Riverland Wine – Facing the water availability challenge (AITHER) – workshop presentation

Riverland Wine – Water Business Tools


Salinity – a management interpretation guide (very extensive)

What can the vine tell us about its water status? – (Presentation) Everard Edwards, CSIRO

Water management for wine grapes in a drying environment (Management Guide)

Regulated Deficit and Partial Rootzone Drying – Irrigation Insights (107 page technical booklet, pdf)

Post-harvest care of grapevines – Irrigation and Nutrition (technical factsheet)

Guide to the Irrisat Cloud – based app (booklet)

Access to Irrisat weather-based irrigation scheduling

Irrisat explanation video (YouTube)

Irrisat video tutorial (YouTube)

Scheduling water and Nutrients (SWAN systems) – home page

Drip Irrigation – maintenance handbook (Netafim) – an extensive 96 page guide to drip irrigation system maintenance

The effect of soil and irrigation management on grapevine performance (M.Ag.Sc. thesis paper)

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