In a similar way that water application can have a massive impact on vine growth, the application of nutrients, in terms of quantity, type and timing can heavily influence the outcome of a season. As grapes are harvested and the fruit and stalks removed from a vineyard, the nutrients that contributed to that plant matter are removed from the vineyard as well. Without replacement of these nutrients, the vineyard will end up in a nutrient deficit. It is advisable that as a minimum the nutrients removed are replaced, with consideration of the efficiency of application and possible losses.

Nutrients contribute to plant and fruit development in different ways, and knowledge of the various roles that different nutrients have, and how to make the most of the efficiency and timing of application will give growers the best chance of arriving at a good result for each growing season.


Nitrogen Fertilisation – Vitinotes

Phosphorous Fertilisation – Vitinotes

Potassium Fertilisation – Vitinotes

Trace Elements – Vitinotes

Practical overview (USA)


Viticare on farm trials- Manual 2.5

  • Managing Nitrogen inputs to optimize grape yield and quality;
  • Detecting phosphorous response in vineyards – forms of P, application methods and rates; Molybdenum and other trade element trials :

Post-harvest care of grapevines – Irrigation and Nutrition (technical factsheet)

Grapevine nutrition Literature review (CRC Viticulture, MVWI)

Vineyard Nutrition Management (Book Excerpts)

Winegrape nutrition and fertilizer application for sustainable production (Overview, detailed paper)

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