Pruning grapevines is done for more than just aesthetic reasons.  While most of the pruning carried out in the Riverland is mechanized, the resulting number of buds and their location within the vine canopy will determine the crop load and fruit characteristics in the following season.  Regardless of whether the initial pruning process is done by machine or all done by hand, the impact and result on the vine remains consistent.  It may be beneficial to watch some of the hand pruning videos below to brush up on the pruning theory, and gain better results from the machine pruning process.


A YouTube guide  of the overall process of pruning (USA)

YouTube hand pruning guide and theory from Oregon State University

 YouTube – the basics of spur pruning (USA)

YouTube – Pellenc pre pruner in action


Viticare on-farm trials – manual 3.3 Vine Health (detailed information on pruning and many other topics)

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