Vineyard spraying and chemical application

While it is easy to fall into the trap of treating chemical application as a tedious job, it is really a very technical operation. In order to protect vines and fruit, it is essential to apply the correct chemical to the correct part of the vine at the correct time. As well as considerations of the best outcomes from a disease control perspective, it is essential to avoid creating off target spray drift. This represents both a loss to the person applying the spray, and potentially damage to off target crops which may be a legal violation.

While most Riverland growers now base their fungicide programs on many “soft” options that would be acceptable under organic growing regulations, there are also important workplace health and safety requirement that must be met when handling and applying farm chemicals.

A person applying spray to a vineyard needs to be part mechanic, part plant pathologist, part entomologist, part meteorologist, part hydrologist, part mathematician, and very diligent. The following links provide some practical advice for chemical application with extensive material from pervious Vitinotes, and also access to chemical withholding information including the AWRI “Dog book”. Growers should bear in mind that their grape purchaser may have chemical requirements that are different from standard industry information, and chemical application should be confirmed with the grape purchaser prior to application either by referencing company spray diaries or directly with a company representative

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AWRI “Dog Book”

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Spray application in grapevines – Factsheet

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