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The recent rains and cool conditions have slowed baumés and harvest. Now is the time to catch up on sleep, repair and maintain equipment so that breakdowns are reduced when harvest recommences, spend time with family and friends.

Researchers at the University of New England and the National Centre for Farmer Health are seeking adult members of farming families, willing to share their experience of loss through a death by external causes (suicide, accidental death, homicide and other deaths of unknown cause or intent).

The Riverland growers and their supporters who travelled to Adelaide last week to protest about this year's low prices have legitimate concerns and a right to protest. There comes a time however, when all concerned must answer the question: What can we hope to achieve with this sort of approach to Government?

With the recent rain events that have occurred over the last few days and an increased risk of bunch rots developing now is the time to examine risk factors and symptoms

Now is the time for people interested in agriculture to have their say on how Australia can build a sector that will grow and deliver a greater return to our nation and the farm gate.

Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce, took the first step in developing the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper by releasing the issues paper and calling on people to get involved.

Times are once again tough for winegrowers. This year has been marked by shock prices, heat waves, fruit flies, powdery, rain and rots... and the bills keep coming in!

It's been a difficult year and most can't wait for it to pass... but just before it does, spare a thought for the vines that have to stump up again next year to help turn things around! Post-harvest nutrient application is critical to support early spring growth in the following season.

It's been a dark dawn to the year for growers and winemakers with plunging indicative prices, protracted hot spells, prowling powdery mildew, troublesome fires, insidious fruit flies and more than the usual assortment of confusing and mixed market signals. Reluctantly but grimly, many growers are picking winegrapes before prices are settled. Many are muttering... "It's just one of those years" through gritted teeth.

Flashy or pretentious are certainly not words that describe Val Bassham, this month’s Riverland ‘Women who Wine’ inductee. In fact unassuming and quietly determined are much more suitable descriptors. Spend any time with Val Bassham, from Bassham Wines and you certainly get sense of calm and inner strength from this amazing Riverland lady.

On a rotational basis The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) runs seminars and workshops throughout Australia's wine regions. The seminar team will visit the Riverland this year in May. The final date is yet to be set but the AWRI needs your help now to develop content for the program.

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