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The recent season has been high pressure one for powdery mildew in particular.

Generally growers appear to be dealing well with the heat. With drip irrigation it is imperative that soils are moist before the heat of the days arrives. Given the high clay content in water at present it is also a good idea to ensure that irrigations systems are clean, so that the application rates are working efficiently and able to add water at an adequate rate.

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Local viticulturists are concerned about the prevalence of powdery mildew across the Riverland in the lead up to the 2014 vintage. It seems that despite best practice in terms of the timing of spray applications and careful calibration of spray rigs, many growers are confounded to find that some of their grapes have been quite badly affected.

The Riverland Viticultural Technical Group (RVTG) met at Banrock Station last Friday to review the current range of projects underway in the 20 13-14 grassroots program and to agree priorities for the new program from 1 July.

As previously advised in various forums, Riverland Wine has compiled a register of unsold grapes. So far more than 8,000 tonnes of different varieties have been listed. All growers who have submitted grapes for the register have been contacted to verify the accuracy of their listing and to confirm they are willing to engage directly with buyers or wineries that might respond.

South Australia’s Agriculture Minister Gail Gago and PIRSA Chief Executive Scott Ashby travelled to the Region last Friday with a simple message: “Eradication of the insidious fruit fly pest from this region is not negotiable”. The Minister and CE met with industry representatives and the incident response team at Loxton and visited a number of properties in the affected zones. Minister Gago commiserated with those who are most directly impacted and thanked all who are involved in planning and implementing the eradication program. The two outbreaks at Loxton and Pyap were confirmed last Wednesday.

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Are you experiencing problems controlling powdery mildew, downy mildew or Botrytis bunch rot? Samples of these diseases are needed from the main wine regions of Australia.

More than 240 Riverland wine growers attended four breakfast meetings in Waikerie, Barmera, Renmark and Loxton last week.

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