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Recent reports in the drinksbusiness on-line publication reveals that although the US may have a population of over 300 million, only one third of those over the legal age of 21, currently drink wine. That’s according to Stephanie Gallo, vice-president of marketing for her family business, the world’s largest wine producer E&J Gallo Winery.

Slowly but surely, that figure is increasing, as wine steadily establishes itself as part of popular US culture as it is in European countries and indeed in Australia. According to the Californian Wine Institute in 2012, per capita wine consumption in the US was 2.73 gallons (12.4 litres), up from 2.68 gallons the year before. (These figures include those not of legal drinking age).

That’s an attractive prospect for any wine brand whose business holds a solid base in the US. As even Starbucks gets in on the wine retail act, Gallo puts it, “There is nowhere to go but up.”

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