4 vacancies – 9 candidates

As recently advertised the AGMs for the RWGA and RWIDC will be convened on October 20 at Berri Hotel.

In the meantime there will be an election to decide four vacancies on the RWGA management committee.

In a first for the RWGA growers’ group, nine members have accepted nominations for the election to fill four positions vacated in accordance with the rules of the Constitution.

This is an outstanding response from Riverland growers. A postal ballot is being prepared and all members of the Association should receive ballot papers next week.

The four retiring members, Andrew Kassebaum, Ashley Ratcliff, Sheridan Alm and Stuart Andrew, have all been renominated.

Four new nominations have also been received from Jim Thomson (Waikerie), David Zadow (Blanchetown), Brett Broomell (Paringa) and David King (Loxton North). Brett Proud, also from Loxton North has re-nominated after taking a break for several years after solid service as deputy chair throughout the very difficult period of water restrictions and drought impact.

Each candidate has provided a brief resume and these will be included with the ballot slips. All of the candidates are well known. It will important for all members to think carefully about who they want on the eight person management committee. Note: three members of the committee appointed to sit on the joint management committee of Riverland Wine with three winemakers.

The nominees are spread across the region from Blanchetown through Waikerie and Loxton to Paringa. Other areas are well represented by those renominating with Andrew Kassebaum, Winkie, Sheridan Alm, New Residence, Stuart Andrew, Winkie and Ashley Ratcliff, Barmera.

It is terrific to have such keen competition. Please deliberate carefully when you receive the ballot slip and resumes. You will be invited to mark four of the nine candidates as your preferred representatives. Reply paid envelopes will be included but we will be relying on Australia Post so don’t delay. Get your votes in early.

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