400th Round-up

Today marks the 400th edition of Riverland Wine’s Round-up column in The Murray Pioneer. The Association’s executive chair Chris Byrne approached the Taylor Group in 2009 with an idea to include the local industry newsletter in its publications. Until then, members had been receiving their newsletters in the post. The newer format enabled Riverland Wine to communicate with its members in a more timely and relevant way. It also helped to keep the community up to date with the local industry. The Round-up has continued to evolve and since 2011, has also been distributed as an electronic newsletter to a broader audience which included industry observers, politicians and other relevant supporters.


The Murray Pioneer editor Paul Mitchell said the informed, credible commentary offered in the Riverland Wine round-up column has made it an excellent addition to the paper since its introduction in 2009.

“We feel it has allowed us to more strongly engage with a significant portion of the Riverland population – that is, those who have an interest, either directly or indirectly, in the winegrape industry.

“The column is increasingly being used as a method of publicising important – often breaking – industry-relevant news stories,” he said.

“The round-up quickly became a well-read section of the paper each week, such that its reach was expanded, and it is now included in our sister newspapers, The Loxton News and The River News, each week.

“We look forward to continuing our partnership with Riverland Wine, via the round-up, for the next 400 editions of the column and beyond.”

Chris Byrne added, “But watch this space. We have plans to make the column even more accessible”.


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