Adoption of grape growing and winemaking practices survey 2018

The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) conducted a major survey of Australian vineyard and winery practices in late 2016. Follow-up visits were performed during 2017 to provide context to industry trends, and a final report will be issued later this year.

This year participants are being sought for a follow-up phone survey about awareness and use of certain grape growing and oenological practices. This will help the AWRI and Wine Australia to benchmark the adoption of new practices across Australia.

With participant input, Wine Australia can determine how well research, development and extension funds are effecting change and increasing the global competitiveness of the Australian grape and wine community. Please do not miss an opportunity to give vital feedback.

An independent firm, Coutts J&R, has been appointed by Wine Australia to conduct the survey. Click here if you wish to be involved with the survey.

The survey will not report on individual responses, but will provide Wine Australia with a collated overview of practices and needs. The collated overview will also be available to inform the broader Australian grape and wine sector.


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