Agri Food and Wine eChallenge

Adelaide University and Regional Development Australia (RDA Murraylands and Riverland) have both asked Riverland Wine to help identify individuals and businesses that have an idea for a new venture, product , service or process  that just needs a structured support platform to test ideas and potentially receive funding and investment dollars.

The introduction of an Agri Food and Wine stream with the support of PIRSA will introduce the Australian eChallenge program to Agri Food and Wine within South Australia.  The aim is to help agribusinesses to develop new products and services that serve to create innovative ways to engage with existing, emerging and new markets.

The program is run through the Adelaide University Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre. Don’t be frightened off by its great big name. If you believe your great idea is ready to be evaluated and if you are keen to be assisted in getting it to market, no matter how simple or complex it may be then  call Kate for details phone 8584 5816 or email.


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