Angove’s Ingle at the cutting edge

The Riverland is justifiably proud of its original winemaking family. Angove Family Winemakers managing director John Angove says the appointment of Tony Ingle over 10 years ago was a masterstroke. His nomination for Gourmet Traveller Winemaker of the Year is just the latest recognition of his outstanding talents and great contribution to the Angove’s family business and the wine industry.

In over a decade at the helm, Tony Ingle has steadily and surely guided Angoves away from bulk, industrial scale production to a more sustainable approach in the vineyard and increasingly refined wines. Tony Ingle’s arrival at Angove Family Winemakers in 2003 has been pivotal in the rebirth of the venerable company as a quality wine producer.

He has greatly improved its wines and driven the focus away from bulk wine to smaller-lot, high-quality table wines. He’s inspired the organic push, the creation of a boutique winery within the big Renmark winery, and the sourcing of grapes from other regions. He was deeply involved in the company’s move to expand into McLaren Vale and buy the Warboys Vineyard in 2008, which has resulted in some outstanding additions to the portfolio.

This vineyard was immediately converted to biodynamic management, following the trend of the company towards sustainable viticulture, which began with the ongoing conversion of its large Riverland vineyard Nanya to organic status. Nanya currently has 40 hectares of vines under organic management and another 30 in conversion.

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