Another post-storm idea and an offer

Three weeks on from the hail storm and there is still no certainty about the extent of damage to crops across the region or an indication of the likely economic impact across the entire community.  Riverland Wine is continuing to work closely with PIRSA management as they continue the very difficult task of identifying and assessing the cost of the storm.  What is certain however, is that many of our members will endure significant impact on their income throughout 2017 with no meaningful relief until well into the 2018 vintage.

Several weeks ago we reported on a number of the ideas and offers to provide support those affected.  Troy’s idea of implementing a storm relief levy has been acknowledged as having merit but the great majority foresee too many impediments and real challenges in implementing equitable disbursements among those affected.  It also brings into sharp focus the likelihood of establishing a precedent for future events, as well as causing issues for many of those who have suffered very significant losses in recent seasons following hail, frost, storm and other events.

One of the best ideas was put by Linton Proud and separately by Graeme Thompson.  These growers have observed that agriculturalists in this region and indeed in other parts of the world have negotiated Multi-Peril Insurance cover, most often, in a collective arrangement where a number of farmers opt-in to a scheme that provides cover against a number of risks.  Riverland Wine has instigated initial enquiries and will continue to follow-up and inform all members over coming weeks.

And finally, Peter Hayes one of Australia’s most respected viticulturists called the association last week and offered to visit the region and, in particular, the vineyards that have been impacted by the hail storm.  Growers would undoubtedly derive benefit from a vineyard show ’n tell, walk and talk from Peter.  If you would be interested to join such a group please contact Kate by email or phone 8584 5816.

Riverland Wine will liaise with Peter and make any necessary arrangements. 

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