April Workshops

 It’s not clever and it’s not easy reporting on the performances outlined above. It’s much more enjoyable to write about the achievements of growers and successes of winemakers and we do regularly celebrate those with a focus on the wealth they generate for the economy, the jobs they provide and the export dollars they earn as well as the contributions they make to industry bodies and R&D; second to none in the country.

Unquestionably though, there are challenges or impediments that are impinging heavily on the gross margins of wine growers and winemakers in our region and we must find solutions from within our own ranks.We must look within and listen. Most now acknowledge the current system is badly broken. We need ‘game changers’ to restore confidence and prosperity. Many of the best ideas are those that occur in the tractor but more often than not, that’s where they stay.

Riverland Wine members will be invited to share their ideas at one or more of a series of four workshops to be convened in April. The first will be on April 12 at Waikerie, then April 14 at Barmera, April 19 at Renmark and finally April 21 at Loxton. Details will be published in the coming weeks and all members will receive an invitation. These workshops will include winemakers as well as growers. A skilled facilitator will be engaged to draw out ideas, develop concepts and consider action plans.

Next time you have a ‘solution’, make a note of it and be sure to share it at one of the workshops. Stay tuned to this column for more details.

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