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For 120 years, Vinehealth Australia has been protecting our vines, regions and industry.

The statutory body, formerly known as the Phylloxera and Grape Industry Board of SA (PGIBSA), was formed by an Act of Parliament on December 21, 1899.

Today’s wine industry has much to thank those pioneering wine families. The establishment of biosecurity and quarantine systems have prevented phylloxera from entering South Australia.

The tiny insect caused incalculable damage to the American and European wine industries in the late 19th century. With the possible phylloxera threat, South Australian wine industry leaders persuaded the State Government to establish the Vine Protection Act 1874, prohibiting importation of vine material from countries and Australian states infested with phylloxera.

The Phylloxera Act 1899 established the PGIBSA, now trading as Vinehealth Australia, which has provided 120 years of unbroken service to the grape and wine industries.

This long commitment to biosecurity by South Australian winegrowers, winemakers and industry leaders is a shining light of industry collaboration.

Vinehealth Australia’s stability through industry funding and leadership, and its proud history and ‘ownership’ by the South Australian wine industry should be acknowledged and celebrated.

Today, Vinehealth Australia works hard to minimise the risk of pests and diseases (in particular phylloxera) entering vineyards, by investing in biosecurity training and awareness, policy and procedures, research and development, and preparedness, prevention and response activities, to the benefit of the South Australian and national wine industry.

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