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Are you a Riverland tourist attraction or service? Are you listed with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse? If not, you should be. It’s free and it will get you listed on not only the national tourism database but also the SA Tourism Commission’s database, the website and ATDW’s extensive network of over 200 tourism distributors.


The ATDW is Australia’s national platform for digital tourism information about Australia. It is jointly owned and managed by Australia’s state and territory government tourism bodies. ATDW collects product and destination data from all Australian States and Territories then makes it electronically accessible to tourism business owners, wholesalers, retailers and distributors for use in their websites and booking systems. In essence it is a central digital content and distribution platform. Tutorials on the ATDW and how to optimise your ATDW listing are available on the website.

Also, with the upcoming $6.1m investment by Wine Australia in South Australian international wine tourism as part of the Australian Government’s Export and Regional Wine Support Package, the SA Tourism Commission will be hosting interactive ATDW information sessions to help tourism operators decide what information to include and to learn the tips and tricks for getting noticed.

For more information contact Brooke Williams at SATC on 7088 0114.

Having received $250k from Wine Australia for our local international wine tourism project, Riverland on the Verge, Riverland Wine is encouraging all tourism businesses in the region to list their product or service on the ATDW database.

Get listed or get missed!


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