ASVO Seminar

This year’s much anticipated ASVO Mildura seminar will be held on 24-25 of July at the Mildura Arts Centre. Respected voices in research and industry names associated with cutting-edge winegrowing will describe techniques and innovations that lead to better vineyard practices and wine quality.

Sessions will cover the accumulation of flavour and aroma compounds in wine grapes including flavonoid synthesis, harvest date optimisation, and the impact of climate/region on fruit quality. There will be a focus on growing and capturing quality in ultra-premium vineyards with presentations on hand and mechanised canopy management and how to grow ultra-premium Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. Also investigations on improving yield and quality in warm climate viticulture and using irrigation as a management option to improve quality and aligning management practices, yields and costs to achieve winery specifications. Learn about maintaining quality in response to seasonal variation, the impacts on seasonal variability on carbohydrates, in season management of variability and tools to help assess and manage ‘vine balance’. The dogma that high yields lead to inferior wine will be challenged.

There will be keynote speakers from Italy, California and New Zealand. The Riverland’s own Andrew Weeks is one of the keynote speakers on Day 2 of this important Seminar.

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