Aussie Wines Brands Push

Australia’s biggest names in wine have participated in a relaunch of popular Australian wine products in the UK with an appeal to British drinkers to recognise cheap grog does not mean poor quality.

Wine Australia hosted a Big Brands tasting at the Australian High Commission in London last Friday. The event was attended by leading UK wine industry buyers and writers and featured wines from eight of the best-selling Australian brands in the UK. Each producer showed 10 wines from their respective portfolios, giving tasters a chance to find out why these brands fly the Aussie flag for the international wine industry.

For a decade Australian wines have been market leaders in the UK, enjoying a 20 per cent market share, the largest of any of the countries where Australian wine is sold. The top eight selling Australian brands in the UK in order of volume are Hardys, Jacob’s Creek, McGuigan, Lindeman’s, Wolf Blass, Banrock Station, Yellow Tail and Oxford Landing. It’s interesting to note the number of these companies that saucy grapes from the Riverland and other inland regions.

Over the last five years there has been a drop in year-on-year sales volumes in favour of growing UK preference for New Zealand, Spanish and Argentinean wines. Recently a blind taste test conducted by the London Wine Company found the average wine drinker was more likely to pick a “smooth” cheap wine from Australia than an expensive and complex tasting drop from France. The average recommended retail price for Australian wine in the UK, as of October this year, was AUD$8.40 a bottle.

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