Avoiding Grape Spillages in 2020

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is keen to work with the wine industry again this year, well in advance of the 2020 vintage, to minimise grape spillages on public roads.

A Roundtable of key stakeholders is scheduled for Barossa and Riverland representatives to come together with the NHVR at Swan Reach on October 24. SAWIA is convening the meeting, not just to emphasise that expiation fines will be imposed but to discuss what more can be done to minimise incidents. During last vintage the Berri Barmera SES reported more than 30 callouts during the vintage period. There are any number of contributing factors. It’s important for all authorities and industry managers to take this opportunity to explore what more can be done to ease the pressure on all those who must manage Australia’s largest vintage within diminishing vintage windows. It’s always easy to blame someone else along the chain; that’s why it’s a ‘Chain of Responsibility’.

SAWIA will work with the NHVR, Police, Riverland Wine, Transport Operators and Local Authorities to put best practice to work and work to eliminate spillages from 202 onwards. That’s a helluva challenge but one we must all take notice of. These talks will provide an opportunity to explore cause and effect. Stay tuned for more details in due course.

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