AWA webinar in unpacking the ACCC interim report

Following the release of the interim report for the ACCC Murray-Darling Basin water markets inquiry a webinar will be held on Friday, August 21.

Organised by the Australian Water Association, a panel from different sectors of the water market will focus on the key themes within the report.  The webinar will enable the perspectives of different sectors of the water market to be presented.

Members of the panel are Chris Olszak (Aither); an ACCC representative; Alister Walsh (Duxton Capital); Rosalie Auricht (Renmark Irrigation Trust); Ben Williams (Australian Water Brokers Association); and Lin Crase (University of South Australia).

There will also be an opportunity for audience participation via Q&A on the topics discussed.

The interim report is available to read on the ACCC website.

For further information about the webinar, or to register, visit the website or email AWA SA Branch Manager Shirley Fraser.

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