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A half day seminar conducted by the (industry owned) Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) will be held at the Berri Hotel on Wednesday, June 8. The Institute has assembled a group of key-topic speakers who will deliver the latest information on the wide ranging viticultural and wine topics listed below.   The event will run from 9am to 12:30pm next Wednesday week.

  • Do you ignore your vineyard after harvest?
  • Great wine from grafted vines
  • Vine balance – how does it affect yield and quality?
  • The changing wine style of the ripening grape
  • Agrochemical update
  • What are the relationships between grape chemical composition, grape allocation grade and final wine style?
  • Thinking outside the bottle: Insights on how Chinese consumers choose wine
  • Maximising quality during bulk wine transportation
  • Copper in winemaking, the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Get the best out of your winery using ‘lean production’

Presenters will include Mark Krstic, Paul Smith, Marcel Essling, Paul Petrie, Con Simos, Simon Nodestgaard, Eric Wilkes, Leigh Francis and James McIntyre.

Members are encouraged to attend this FREE event BUT REGISTRATIONS ARE ESSENTIAL. Contact Kate at Riverland Wine 8584 5816 or email.  When registering please advise which session you will be attending.

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