AWRI May Seminars

The (industry owned) Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) will be conducting a Viticulture Seminar and Cabernet Sauvignon Trials Tasting on Friday, May 10, at the Loxton Hotel.

The Viticulture Seminar will commence at 9am and will deliver information on the following topics:  

  • Can weeds be controlled without synthetic chemicals
  • Earlier, shorter, hotter? Is vintage compression really happening and what can you do about it?
  • Trends in Australian grapegrowing practices
  • Innovations in on-harvester destemming and sorting

The Cabernet Sauvignon Tasting Trials, starting at 2pm, will showcase how current winemaking practices can influence final wine style.

Members are encouraged to attend these seminars. More information is available on the AWRI website.

Registrations for both seminars are essential. Numbers are limited for the Tasting Trials.

Contact Kate at Riverland Wine 8584 5816 or email to register for the viticulture seminar.

Register online for the winemaking seminar or contact AWRI 8313 6600 or email.

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