Biosecurity rocks!

Arguably this region’s most prized credentials are its biosecurity achievements, right up there alongside its world-class irrigation credentials and its reputation for clean, green, low chemical and purity credentials.  Fruit fly free status and phylloxera free status don’t come easily.  Lose them and the cost of recovering them is scary!

This region is free of both, fruit fly and phylloxera.  Protecting those credentials is a shared responsibility.  Any growers not normally concerned about biosecurity have probably been lured into a comfort zone because of good management of others and sheer good luck… up till now! As with phylloxera, fruit fly, locusts and other exotic pests and diseases it’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of when!

Riverland growers are invited to attend a special biosecurity event, hosted by the Area Wide Management project of the SITplus initiative.  SIT stands for ‘sterile insect technology’.  The aim of the event is to highlight the increasing biosecurity pressures to horticulture in Australia and South Australia and to highlight the efforts being made on and across the border to help maintain the Riverland’s ‘area freedom’ and to keep SA pest free.  The event will provide an opportunity to learn from other growers about the impact of difficult pests such as Queensland fruit fly.

Presenters will include Craig Hull (DAWR), Nick Secomb (PIRSA), Peter Crisp, (PIRSA-SARDI), Steve Burdette, (COSTA) and Penny Measham (HIA).  There will be opportunity for growers to interact with the group and guest presenters, to discuss and ask questions about key biosecurity issues.

The two Riverland events will be in Loxton on Thursday September 1 at 1:30 at the Loxton Research Centre and in Waikerie at the Hotel on Friday September 2, at 10am.  For full details contact Kate phone 8584 5816 or email.

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