Are you bogged mate?

Rural communities continue to lose men to suicide and many more struggle in silence. A few years ago, the Darling Downs in Queensland was struck with two such tragedies in a short space of time prompting Mary O’Brien to speak up about rural men’s mental health and write an article called ‘Are you bogged mate?’. The incredible response to this article from the rural sector, particularly men, has led to the creation of the Are You Bogged Mate? program.

Mary’s career in the rural sector has given her a deep respect for country blokes, and more importantly, the ability to effectively communicate with them. The Are You Bogged Mate? program is visiting rural communities, talking to rural people where they feel comfortable, starting conversations and delivering a message that resonates with both rural men and women. Mary aims to reduce rural male suicide by breaking down the stigma, make blokes feel more understood and to provide us with some insights into how blokes communicate. 

Listen to this recent Australian Grape and Wine podcast episode with Mary O’Brien on Spotify or Apple.

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