Brand Riverland

As previously reported work has begun on an ambitious new project to align the Riverland’s wine, food and tourism activity under one marketing platform in order to broadcast more effectively the region’s unique products, services and experience. Following widespread consultation earlier in 2015, Regional Development Murraylands and Riverland Inc (RDA) was successful in securing a Regional Branding grant from Primary Industry and Regions South Australia (PIRSA). This grant will go towards outlining a new charter, positioning statement and collaborative marketing strategy for the region, involving a new brand identity.

A reference committee has been formed, and Paul Henry, a brand marketing strategist, has been appointed as principal advisor.

Paul recently said, “This is a wonderful opportunity to work with a community that has some real future vision, as well as a truly exceptional history.” He added, “The challenges of proximity, scale and competition have bred an exceptionally innovative culture in the Riverland. Whether it’s wine, fresh produce, eco-and adventure tourism experiences, or simply the relaxing ‘drift’ of a Riverland houseboat, the region and its people have their own distinct voice. What unites them all is simple: an absolute passion for quality and a commitment to innovation and customer value”.

Nicolle Jachmann, Economic Development Manager for RDA Riverland said, “This is an exciting process. It has the potential to benefit our whole community and those who trade and visit the region for business or pleasure.”

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