Cheeseman in the chair

Andrew Cheeseman, former chief executive of Wine Australia, has been appointed to chair the Riverland Wine Marketing and Public Relations Delivery Group in line with the structure outlined in the Riverland Wine Strategic Plan 2014–2019. The group has met with Andrew several times.

In recent months he has travelled widely to meet with the 16 Riverland wine producers from the largest corporation to the smallest family operated enterprise. These meetings helped inform the Marketing group as they develop a robust action plan to support the key strategic initiative: Market Growth.


The objective of the one-on-one meetings was to listen to the ideas and aspirations of those who invest in and believe in Riverland Wines and to develop initiatives that will support:

  • Sustainable ongoing growth in sales and enduring partnerships with key customers,
  • Improvement in grape prices to profitable levels,
  • Restoration of value in underlying assets, and
  • Assist restoration of community pride and spirit.

Andrew said “There is no single magic bullet to achieve these outcomes. Spreading the investment and trying to do too many things will be ineffective. However, we are now in a position to formulate a specific and coherent set of recommendations for the management committee to review and endorse.” Keep an eye on this column for more about growing the market for Riverland Wine world-wide.

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