China meets the Riverland

The Riverland episode of the second series of Chef Exchange will be broadcast on China’s Qingdao TV (QTV) in the Shandong province of China next week, where it will reach a potential audience of 90 million people. It will be repeated in June before being broadcast more widely on China Central Television (CCTV), the predominant state television broadcaster in the People’s Republic of China. CCTV has a network of 50 channels broadcasting different programmes and is accessible to more than one billion viewers. 

Chef Exchange is a unique television series showcasing the best of South Australian food, wine and the regions. Produced by 57 Films in partnership with China’s Qingdao TV (QTV), with support from the South Australian Film Corporation and South Australian Tourism Commission, the series is a culinary adventure featuring renowned Adelaide chef Jock Zonfrillo and Shandong chef Qu Jianmin.

The series of 30 minute episodes follows the two high-profile chefs as they explore each other’s food, wine, culture and customs and take the viewer on a journey from producer to plate.

Chef Exchange is a production with benefits for South Australia across multiple industries including primary production, tourism, trade, arts and the local screen industry. It is expected to have significant spin-off benefits for South Australia’s food, wine and tourism sectors, while strengthening the State’s highly valued ties with the Shandong region.

Shandong is a sister province to South Australia and the idea arose at a dinner-table conversation during a delegation to China.

The Chef Exchange series will also be broadcast on SBS Food in Australia later this year.

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