Chinese Palates

A collaborative effort between Chinese importers and Australian winemakers is making wine with fruit from the Barossa Valley and Margaret River specifically designed to appeal to Chinese palates.  The premium wine, labelled ‘CEO’ includes an eye-catching dragon embossed on the bottle.  There are hopes that the export push will broaden to include marketing into Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The Chinese-based company, K-Wine, is mindful of increasing value above that normally gained through sales of bulk wine, and is fully aware of the need to protect their intellectual property in an environment where label counterfeit is common.
This news comes on the back of positive feedback from an exhibition by Wine Australia in China, comprising 100 wines from 40 brands, during the 92nd China Food and Drinks Fair.  The Australian exhibition included wine educators presenting themed tasting classes, teaching visitors about the history, diversity and evolution of Australian wine.

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