Riverland Grape Classifieds

Need some grapes? Have some grapes to sell? For many years, the region’s winegrape growers with uncontracted grapes have utilised Riverland Wine’s Unsold Grapes Register, or relied on word of mouth to find buyers.

Riverland Grape Classifieds. has been launched on the Riverland Wine website and not only provides the convenience of an online marketplace, but listings are provided free of charge to Riverland Wine and grape industry members.

The page, maintained by Riverland Wine staff, provide a streamlined version of the email classifieds that have been traditionally used.

“This increases the chances that fruit can be picked and then delivered when it is still of high quality,” explained Jo Pippos, General Manager of Riverland Wine. “While a grower tries to find time during vintage to make numerous phone calls to find a winery ready to buy, fruit can potentially decrease in quality and value.

“We are now able to provide our growers and wineries with a digital, easily accessible solution that helps them communicate.” said Jo. “A grower might have uncontracted tons of Shiraz or Chardonnay, for example, and didn’t know that a winery the town over needed some.

“We believe the site can help growers maintain both profits and fruit quality during the rush of the harvest season. If a grower realises in the middle of harvest that they have more fruit from a vineyard than anticipated, or, a winery is short on a particular variety, the Classifieds enable both parties let many people know at once.”

Riverland Wine is excited about the future of the classifieds, and in time to come it may also be home to buy and sell sections, and help wanted sections – providing a forum specific to the needs of Riverland Wine community members.

To list grapes to sell or purchase, go to the Riverland Wine website. If you have any questions or would like to suggest other features for this initiative, please contact Jo or Kate at Riverland Wine.

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