Competition Law Review

In February our local federal member Tony Pasin MP met with the management committee of Riverland Wine in Loxton to discuss a range of issues challenging our industry. 

Competition law was high on the agenda and Tony advised that the new Federal Minister for Small Business, Hon Bruce Billson MP, had been asked to conduct a ”root and branch” review of competition law.  He urged Riverland Wine to get involved and make a submission saying “there is no better example of why this review is necessary, than that which is presented by the wine industry in this region”. 

He advised the government has identified an agenda of microeconomic reform as a means of driving innovation, productivity and jobs growth in the economy.  For us, this means having competition based on merit, not on muscle, creating a more level playing field and supporting a competitive environment were efficient businesses, big and small, have the opportunity to thrive and prosper.

The Minister has announced the members of the review panel and terms of reference have been released.  Riverland Wine hopes to meet with Minister Billson and will prepare a submission in consultation with our members.

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