Consider your neighbours

Further to the recent report about stress-levels and risky short-cuts caused by the complications of the (unreasonably) compressed vintage, one grower has raised another unfortunate side-effect; lack of consideration of neighbours. When everyone is under pressure it only aggravates the situation when harvesting crews and truck operators ignore common courtesies.

One grower has written:

“An annoying thing this year to some of my neighbours and myself is inconsiderate truckies, harvest operators, tote bin drivers and anyone else who thinks cutting through some else’s property is the quickest way to get to a job.  At speed they leave a huge dust storm, not seen in the dark; neighbours washing having to be rewashed etc. At speed when the blocky is also trying to not only pick his own grapes but watch out for speeding cars, got to get to the job quickly, harvester drivers and their entourage intermingling on a narrow headland with your harvesting team. Then the trucks, Double B’s or whatever, grinding up the headland, creating a dust storm, stopping other operations and then grinding through designated loading areas; not a care in the world…‘I’m in a big truck, they should be able to see me and get out my way’. We all pay council rates, we all register our vehicles, USE THE BLOODY ROADS. Amen”.

So, there you have it; another symptom of the stress caused by a lack of planning around managing intakes in years such as 2019 and 2018 and 2017 and every other year when vintages are compressed… because of the climate impact?

We must agree better protocols in future to avoid the roll-overs, tractor accidents, busted strainers busted flusher-valves and causing repeated inconvenience to neighbours and industry colleagues.

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