Container Deposit Scheme for wine bottles?

The South Australian Government has been conducting a review of the Container Deposit Scheme (CDS). The South Australian Wine Industry Association (SAWIA) has engaged with wine producers in recent weeks to begin developing a formal position on behalf of industry. A discussion paper will be published in mid-2019.

SAWIA understands that the cost of the current CDS is largely borne by the producer and whether this cost could be recouped would depend on the producer’s ability to negotiate a price pass through with retailers and the consumer’s willingness to pay the additional price.

Wine bottles have been exempted from the container deposit system (CDS) in SA since its inception over forty years ago (1977), as they represent less than 0.04% of littered containers in South Australia (Keep Australia Beautiful National Litter Index Report 2015-16).

The wine industry supports the current exemption – the status quo. SAWIA believes that any proposal for change should be based on compelling and objective evidence and informed by the views of the wine industry.

Whilst the CDS has been demonstrably successful in reducing litter by beverage containers, the Scoping Paper does not clearly articulate specific problems that might justify change. Even if specific problems can be identified, it is questionable whether changing the CDS, either in scope or deposit amount, would be the best or most effective mechanism without objective full life-cycle evaluations of all options.

If Riverland Wine members have a point of view, or if you would like more information to understand the scheme more fully, please email Riverland Wine. Full details of the scheme and the proposed changes will be provided.


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