Crystal ball gazing

The growing season is rapidly approaching. Most pruning will be completed in the next week or two. Successful SARMS applicants are negotiating agreements, many of which will make a difference to the Riverland’s vineyard footprint currently standing at 20,583ha. We have no idea yet whether the SARMS program will increase or decrease the size of that footprint. According to the Phylloxera Board the number of growers in the region has reduced by 29 over the past 12 months to 1,018. Of this 1,018 just six have responded to last week’s offer by the State Council and Riverland Wine to provide a free highlights version of the Outlook Conference presented at Adelaide in late June. The conference was convened as a response to the perennial cry from the grower community for more information about likely demand for Australian wine grapes in forthcoming vintages. As advised the highlights version of the June presentation will take place at Banrock Station from 2.30pm on Friday, August 22 if at least 20 Riverland growers are interested. For the sake of the six who have already registered we hope another 14 will join them to make this worthwhile.

Besides reviewing highlights of the presentation there will also be an opportunity to share opinions and current hearsay about expected demand for 2015 winegrapes. The Northern Hemisphere vintage is just weeks away. Production numbers out of Spain, Italy, France and California will have a significant influence on the demand for our product in six months time. Whispers on the grapevine suggest that there is no reason to expect low vintages from any of those regions. Other whispers suggest there is a lull in demand for Australian bulk red wine at the present time. Hopefully by August 22 the crystal ball can reveal some greater clarity around these unknowns. Be there to be listen up and have your say.

If you are interested to attend you must contact Kate by phone 8584 5816 or email by August 15.


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