Demand is pushing prices

From all reports in the past week, demand for Riverland Winegrapes is STRONG; so strong in fact it’s been very hard to get any grapes listed on the Grapes for Sale Register, a far cry from the days when the register would open in January with more than 10,000 tonnes and peak in late February with as many as 25,000. Following last week’s publication of Kingston Estate Wines prices, there has been a flurry of activity among willing buyers and willing sellers with uncontracted fruit for 2020.

For any Riverland growers with uncontracted grapes, you may wish to call David  at Riverland Vintners (RV) on 0428 818 059. David has asked if Riverland Wine will get the word out that RV are on the hunt. He said “the KEW prices are a good reflection of current market conmditions. Riverland Vitners has Chinese customers who are prepared to buy fruit this year in light of the fact there is likely to be less bulk wine on the market in 2020”.

Further to that, Andrew Weeks who is well known to most growers across the region, is assisting Growers Wine Group is also on the hunt for Riverland grapes at very competitive prices so give Andrew a call on 0403 520 242 and let’s see if we can keep Riverland grapes in the region.

Supporting our local businesses is the best way to help our community and our economy. It may be an opportunity to form new relationships and who knows, maybe even encourage a few more growers to venture down the value-chain pathway and discard the tired and tedious old supply-chain shackles! That’s another good way to help our region build our own wealth and pride.

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