Disease alerts straight to you

Many Riverland grape growers will be familiar with the alerts and CropWatch newsletters produced throughout the growing season depending on the risk or incidence of Downy Mildew.  As reported recently, Riverland Wine has been working with Magarey Pathology to further update and develop the CropWatch service that has been sponsored by Riverland Wine for many years. 

The service was hugely improved last season in collaboration with the NRM Board through the integration of their automatic weather stations (AWS) with the Riverland Wine network.

The next step is to get the information growers need to reduce disease risk and spraying costs into their pocket; or more accurately, the smartphone in their pocket.

The app which has been developed is at Beta or trail version. It is fully functional and users should find it very helpful in deciding if and when to spray vines.

Riverland Wine want growers to try it and help test it. Their experience and feedback is be crucial to ensure it is easy and practical to use. Feedback received will improve the Beta version so it can be perfected for final release next year.

This system is not only an Australian first, it is unique to world viticulture and something the Riverland can be proud of.

Learn more about the ‘GrapeWatch’ app.

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