Disease samples wanted

Are you experiencing problems controlling powdery mildew, downy mildew or Botrytis bunch rot? Samples of these diseases are needed from the main wine regions of Australia. A project to investigate the extent of resistance of these three diseases to fungicides is underway, funded by GWRDC. To improve knowledge of resistance development the researchers will also need access to details of spray programs.

Confidentiality of information will be maintained at all times and no grower will be identified individually. The data collected from the samples and spray information will be used to inform the industry of issues and to develop improved management strategies.

The GWRDC cannot guarantee the turn-around time of results. However, your results will be provided for your information once all testing has been completed together with an interpretation of results that may relate the levels of resistance detected, with potential control failure.

If you are interested to participate in this research, and help overcome resistance issues, please notify the contact person below by phone or email. They will be able to answer any queries about sample handling for particular diseases and can provide sample kits if required.

Downy: Sandra Savocchia, 02 6933 4341, ssavocchia@csu.edu.au
Botrytis: Fran Lopez, 08 9266 3061, fran.lopezruiz@curtin.edu.au
Powdery: Suzanne McKay, 08 8303 9759, Suzanne.mckay@sa.gov.au

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