DIY vineyard records go online

Grapegrowers and vineyard owners will soon be able to comply with their Phylloxera Act obligations – and manage their own vineyard records – using a new online tool.
The Phylloxera and Grape Industry Board (PGIBSA) has redesigned its extensive database, and developed a new password-protected vineyard register that can be accessed and updated at any time by growers.

Electronic versions of individual vineyard maps, as well as details of plantings, varieties, rootstocks, locations and ownership will be on the register.

PGIBSA chief executive officer Alan Nankivell said, “In essence, all the most recent information provided by growers and owners to the Board on paper has been digitised and will be available from January through what will be called the Grape Industry Kiosk”.

“Growers will be able to update to their planting records as they occur, rather than doing so retrospectively once a year, or within three months of notifiable changes,” he said.

From 2014 information entered into an individual vineyard record will be archived and, over time, the value of that information will increase.

All levy payers will be contacted by PGIBSA about the new system in early January. Each user will have a unique number, username and password.

Mr Nankivell said an accurate database was essential for PGIBSA’s effective control of an outbreak of the Phylloxera insect or any other exotic pests or diseases. “If we know exactly where the vines are, and how to contact the key people, we can mitigate the spread of any incursion,” he said.

The kiosk was tested by 150 growers from all wine regions around the State during the development phase. Feedback indicated it was not only easy to use but had potential as a helpful business support tool.

Watch this space in coming weeks for more details of when the Kiosk is available for all Riverland growers.

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