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This week’s newsletter (Roundup) is in a different format. Recent feedback has been helpful. Members do not want to read lots of words or lengthy sentences and certainly not paragraphs! Newsletters are ‘old-fashioned’. Readers prefer dot-points. This is a trial. Please take a few moments to offer feedback.

Recent Activities

May seem boring, but is essential

  • The Riverland Wine (RW) AGMs for growers and winemakers were convened at the Research Centre on Monday August 10. Details are on the website
  • RW representatives for the next 12 months are Brett Proud, Sheridan Alm, Peter Hill, Brett Rosenzweig, Jack Papageorgiou, Henry Crawford, John Angove, Joe Russo, Bill Moularadellis, Jim Markeas.
  • RW contributes very significant time and travel to play our part in supporting and promoting other industry organisations, including Australian Grape and Wine, Wine Grape Council of SA, South Australian Wine Industry Association, Australian Wine Research Institute and of course Wine Australia.
  • Two years ago, RW initiated the formation of the Inland Wine Regions Alliance (IWRA) under the chairmanship of Jim Caddy. The chairs and executive officers of the inland regions Murray Valley, Riverina and Riverland meet regularly to discuss matters of common interest and advocate on behalf of growers across the inland. Most recently, the IWRA, through Jim, have joined with Australian Grape and Wine to negotiate the revised Wine Industry Code of Conduct.

Without water, the Riverland evaporates

  • RW has recently established the Riverland Horticulture Futures Group (RHFG) with the Almond Board, Summerfruits SA, Citrus SA, Avocados SA, RIT and CIT.
  • The RHFG has agreed to jointly fund a program of work with Auricht Projects to develop a regional response to the ACCC Interim Report into Water Markets. This will be submitted prior to COB on Friday, August 28 and available on the RW website soon after.

Fax Machines are Obsolete

  • The new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database has been loaded with the details of all members who have provided authorisation for their information to be transferred from Vine Health Australia.
  • A new Riverland Wine website went live on Monday, August 3. It is interactive with new information and content being added as it comes to hand.  Have a look and let us know your impressions including how it might be improved; made more relevant.
  • The website and the CRM combined will form a ‘portal’ for all RW members to receive and exchange information
  • Broader stakeholder audiences, including industry groups, government agencies and visitors from around the globe will also be able to maintain connection with RW via the portal.
  • The new database will increase RW’s capacity to organise members into similar interest groups to provide more targeted support and more relevant communiques.
  • In addition to the website/CRM work In addition to the website work, the Marketing PR Delivery Group has adapted this year’s Riverland Wine and Food Festival to acknowledge our COVID obligations; dispersing activities across a number of sites in collaboration with the Small Winemakers Group, headed up by Jenny Semmler and ably buttressed by the growing number of local producers all ‘having a go’.
  • RW’s social media audiences and exchanges are continually setting new standards thanks to Lynda and the team at Purple Giraffe.

You cannot afford to buy anything cheap

  • In the field of grape and wine technology RW has placed strong emphasis on strengthening relationships with Wine Australia and the main research institutions.
  • The most exciting current project is Hands off Hectares (HOH), being delivered in partnership with the University of Adelaide and RW members. This is a 3-year, $5M project to develop a digital platform to help RW members reduce production costs as a means of becoming more profitable and competitive.
  • Other projects currently in train include the new app that will deliver weather information, including disease alerts, to growers’ mobile phones from the nearest automatic weather station (AWS). RW now has a network of 30 AWS across the region, a result of a partnership with the NRM Board.
  • More information on other technical projects will be published in forthcoming ‘Roundups’.

Today’s Summary

This list of dot-points is by no means a complete dossier of RW works. Rather it is a sample of the initiatives and programs being undertaken at Riverland Wine to raise awareness of the significance of our wine industry and the opportunities that abound for those who want to ‘grow the pie’; those working to improve the value of their vineyards and wineries; those who are proud of our huge contribution to our communities, socially, economically and environmentally.

If you prefer this dot-point format as the way to communicate on a weekly basis, let us know. There are plenty of other ideas presently being developed. In another month or two, RW will be trialling regular YouTube communiques. There are plans also for podcasts and possibly blogs and webinars as we transition to a more digital environment both on the farm and at the desk.

We look forward to your input please email Riverland Wine

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