Down to business

Plans are well advanced for the series of Riverland Wine workshops announced several weeks ago. Thanks to those who’ve already provided feedback. Since some will not finish harvest till the second week of April, the commencement date for the Workshops will be delayed till week three.

The sessions will be spread over four weeks to enable all winegrowers and winemakers to be able to attend at least one session. Invitations will be mailed in the coming fortnight.

The purpose of the workshops is threefold.

  1. Analyse the immediate challenges as you see them
  2. Listen to your story, your version of what could be done to improve the outlook
  3. Revise our strategic approach to find solutions

For a decade now we’ve used the term “getting older and poorer”. Three hundred from this region have left the industry over that time, but there are still more than 1,000 growers and approximately 20 wine producers, all of whom want to be ‘ongoers’.

The grape and wine challenges are not merely for growers. These are challenges for all of industry. Everyone who relies on grapes and wine for their employment and income will have a chance to be involved and to put forward suggestions for a brighter future that produces a worthwhile return on time and capital invested.

The workshops will be facilitated by Paul Dalby and Darren Oemcke, both familiar with the wine industry but more importantly both very experienced in building businesses. It’s the business of winegrowing and winemaking that our members are involved with.

Key topics will of course include water challenges, wine tax challenges and pricing issues for grapes and wine domestically and internationally.

If you have any immediate ideas that should be tabled, call Chris on 0419 555 001 before you forget it.

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