Closed loop dripper recycling

Sustaining Endeavour are pleased to assist South Australia growers with local recycling of dripper line or pipe.  Growers who have received, or will receive, funding to upgrade irrigation through the Water Efficiency Program (or similar programs in the past) may be eligible for a rebate on transport costs.

Together with collaborating partners Netafim Australia and Recycling Plastics Australia, RPA, Sustaining Endeavour is facilitating recycling of two key irrigation products used by South Australian vineyards: dripper line and pipe. These need to be treated differently as the resulting high-quality resin derived from processing each stream will be used in making new agricultural products by different manufacturers:

  • Netafim integral-dripper line (dripper line with inline drippers). Netafim Australia uses the high-quality recycled resin derived from recycling end-of-life dripperline as part of making Netafim LDPE Pipe.  
  • Netafim LDPE pipe (pipe with online drippers) – Sustaining Endeavour will be inviting expressions of interest from local manufacturers in the high-quality resin derived from recycling end-of-life LDPE Pipe.

Sustaining Endeavour also facilitates recycling of similar irrigation products from other brands.

The following recycling instructions have been provided by Sustaining Endeavour:

  • Detach the dripper line or pipe from vine wire before recoiling.
  • Ensure bundles are well secured with string in at least two places to avoid the recycler rejecting the bundles (lose irrigation lengths pose safety problems for the recycler).  A recycling guide, with details and pictures, is available on the website.
  • Plastic joiners and vine-clips attached to the dripper line or pipe do not need to be removed.  Cobra-clamps may also be left attached.  Loose bundles can be delivered to RPA, or large bundles can be stacked on a non-returnable pallet.

For further information about closed-loop recycling contact Sustaining Endeavour 0452 537 266.

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